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Monday, October 10, 2011

Just another weekend



Sometimes that is the word that best describes getting through the weekends during the fall.
Being a nanny to musicians, speakers, authors and stylists means that I get to "enjoy" the same schedule that they do...meaning that we have really slow seasons during which everyone just trusts that God will provide and then you have seasons where you just aren't sure how you are going to be able to fit sleep, eating and showers into the packed days .

October is one of those seasons.

This past weekend for example...I had Thursday during the day off...the first in some time and I spent the day on the phone trying to get Internet set up (yes it had been a month and I was STILL trying to get it up and running), I then went to babysit from 6:30-12:30, went straight from there to where I normally nanny, spent the night, had the girls till my BFF came and took my place at 7:30pm, picked up two precious girlies and took them home to bed, got home and fell into bed around 1:30am, up at 6am to watch the neighbor boy till 11am, headed to watch those same two girls through the day, helped get them ready for the wedding they were in, caught them at the end of the aisle, took them home to bed, got home around 1:30am...fell into bed in my clothes and sleeppptttt.

cheap entertainment

precious. ready for the wedding.
how cute is she?


Of course my "day off" always seems to get filled with running errands that had been put off for weeks, but I must have still been delirious with adrenaline, because I somehow got all my errands done, went grocery shopping, got home and cleaned out my whole pantry and kitchen, made almond butter, pumpkin bars, and pumpkin almond butter...not to mention all the late nights of working gave me time to edit photo sessions and actual be on schedule for once. I'm really not sure where all this motivation came from, but I hope it happens again every weekend. 

Almond butter...yummy

I love organization. 
sadly organization hates me  and doesn't seem to last long.


Then back to work on Monday. 

even snuck in a run with this guy before work this morning

Safe to say...
it was a productive few days.
Safe to say...
the life of a nanny is anything but relaxing.

A nanny in Nashville has no such thing has routine.
No "planned way in advance" set schedule. No social life planning.

For me, it's a perfect fit.
I love the spontaneity of it...most of the time.
Sometimes I long for just some day to day routine, or I would love to be able to plan a coffee date in advance and not have to cancel last minute. For the most part though, I love the feeling of falling into bed exhausted from chasing toddlers, hands raw from loads of dishes, and clothes stained with baby food.
So just a little glimpse into my weekends right now for those of you wondering why I'm never around, or those of you writing me asking about being a nanny...for me this is my life. My career. It's become as normal as breathing by now.

P.S. please don't judge the photos. I couldn't find my memory card...ok, so I didn't really look for it...but the cell phone was just more convenient in the chaos.


  1. you're cute :-) where did you get those large clear jars with chalkboard on the front?!

  2. I feel your pain... I got a phone call the other day saying there was some 'emergency' and could I have the children for 36 hours! YES THIRTY SIX whole hours! You never quite sleep when you're looking after someone's children and boy do my kiddos run me ragged. Strong work on the motivation, if you figure out how it happened I would gladly take your advice :)

    Elle xo

  3. Sounds like my life!! Question for you - do you ask parents before you post pics of their kiddos on your blog? I'm a nanny and have gone back and forth on this issue. I want to post pics on my blog but because they're minors, etc., I'm scared I could get sued or something. Thoughts?

  4. I do ask their permission. The families I have worked for now for some time I don't ask their permission every single time because we know each other well enough and I know what they would be comfortable with. Also with the kids that are a little older I never post a picture unless I have THEIR permission. It gives them the freedom to have an opinion and I never want them to feel embarrassed. Along with that I ask the kids permission to share some of my stories about them on the blog...most of the time they get excited about it, but some stories they get shy about. It's always a good idea to have open communication with the families you are working with