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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nanny community

Loved, loved, loved the comments to my last post. I was cracking up and totally relating to every one of them. I finally feel like I am not alone!
I'm hoping this "place" can become a sort of community for us nannies who live in the in-between of child-less freedom and the joys and trials of motherhood.  So fun to hear stories I can relate to.
Thanks ladies for sharing your "You know you're a nanny when..." moments.

I am about to head out to PA to go see one of my dearest friends get married....AND it just happens to be her birthday today ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANI!!!!

I can't wait to share photos and stories from the big weekend.
Until then I thought I would just share my favorite photo from today....

Isn't she beautiful? 
We had a blast, and were sweating like pigs (do pigs sweat?) taking little bit's one year photos. She is just precious. 

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