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Sunday, July 17, 2011

You know you're a nanny when...

One of the most common questions I get when I tell people I'm a nanny is, "Cool, so do you, like, just play with kids all day?", or sometimes the "Wow that's cool so you just work for musicians, thats pretty fun right?"

HA. IS fun. and yes. I sort of "play" with kids all day.
What most people don't know is that I just washed my hair with blazing blueberry tear-free shampoo, survived quite the insane trip to target that included coralling 4 kids, spilled drinks, a tired baby, and a major check-out miss-hap, and am now reading about baby sign language.

I think I need to write one of those "you know you're a nanny when..." Those kinds of lists were huge back in the days of myspace and xanga....
So humor me.
Maybe this will give you a glimpse into the daily life I live as a nanny.

You know you're a nanny when: ( know you're a nanny of a musician/speaker/author family when)

  • You drive a car with carseats in the back seats and Highschool musical cranked up
  • Your perfume switches between, sweet potato puree, spit-up, hot dogs and baby sunblock. 
  • When the youth you work with want to play with your phone they realize all you have are baby, fisher-price games
  • Your most said phrase is "Oh, I'm just the nanny."
  • A "normal" schedule consists of different hours and days every week and spending weekends either traveling or staying home watching kids all weekend
  • You can change a diaper with one hand while holding octopus arms in the other (at least that's what it feels like)
  • 98% of your photos, tweets, status' are of or about kids
  • You can sing all the theme songs to Dora the Explorer, The Wonder Pets, and The Backyardigans
  • You get excited when Parent magazine comes in the mail
  • You are much better at socializing with the group of moms and discussing disciplining techniques than you are socializing with people your own age 
  • You're told you have a "mom" look when the need arises (I work with a youth group...they're real honest)
  • You get two types of looks when you are out in public- The sympathetic, "awww poor single mom with four kids" or the judgemental "hmph young, single mom with four kids."
  • When people ask if you've seen any good movies can ramble off every animated/kids movie but are pretty much clueless as to what "grown-up" movies are out
  • You watch the same Animated movie over and over for months until the next big animated movie comes out....then you watch that one over and over and over. 
  • You're constantly asked if you are ever going to continue your education to actually use your Psychology major (I always laugh at that one, I use it everyday)
  • You DO go out with your friends only to have a pacifier and baby wipes fall out of your purse
  • You realize at the end of the day that you walked around all day with dried oatmeal all over the back of your pants
  • You can stand in Target with your boss discussing/analyzing what the best sippy cup is
  • You can have the worst day and have it all turned around by a sweet hug from a five year old
  • When "Miss" has become a permanent part of your first name
  • You spend all day smelling baby poop...but are unable to pin-point the source
  • It's not out of the norm to walk around the mall with a baby in an ergo, a stroller and kids trailing behind you
  • Sunday is your dress up day, sadly not because of church but because the rest of the week you spent wearing baby-food covered sweats
  • You find joy and yet your heart aches when seeing simple accomplishments, like a babies first words, a kid reading you her first book, or facing fears and growing up
  • You can make a killer heart-shaped PB&J, the best mac n cheese and a grilled cheese to die for
  • You love analyzing birth-order and personalities
  • You know when every "Kids eat free" night is in your town
  • The workers at the local kids activity centers know you by name
  • When you go shopping for clothes your first priority is to find things that are "kid friendly" and easy to move in
  • You experience all this, yet have no kids of your own. 

I could go on and on.

Any other nannies out there want to add on their own "You know you're a nanny when..."?


  1. You know you're a nanny when:
    You can't get the smell of baby off your hands, yet you don't mind because you enjoy it.
    You think about when the child/children's birthdays are.
    You have a schedule that varies like no other.
    You're favorite thing to see is a child smile at you or repeat something that you have taught them.
    You look at things at the store for the kids instead of yourself.
    You smell like sunscreen on the hot summer days.
    You have talked in a baby voice multiple times in one day.
    You are usually gone when your friends hang out.
    There's a few off the top of my head! [: These are so true though!

  2. Great list- can totally relate! How about you also know you are a nanny when----

    you can help the little one whose potty training go to the bathroom, while answering the parents check-up call, while making mac n' cheese on the stove, while listening out for the washing machine/dryer beeps to keep the cycles going timly, while realizing we are running out of toliet paper and making a mental note about running to Target soon, and finally trying to listen out for the door because the piano teacher is about to arrive.

    Nannies have to know how to multi-task for sure. It is such a rewarding job, but demanding of all you have in you every moment. It's truly God who gives me strength to do it-- I don't know how people could attempt to do this job without Him.

    Cheers to bubble baths and relaxing moments at the end of the work schedule too!

    P.S.- I especially love how you mentioned having to watch (or listen) to the same things over and over and over because it's the kids favorites.

    P.S.S.-- Also completely can relate to traveling to the store with kids you nanny for. Can be quite an adventure ;)

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies! It's so nice to know I'm not a total alien weirdo ;). Love my job, but it's hard at This're not a mom, but most people your age aren't playing "mom". Very much a stuck in the middle position. Love that this is opening up opportunities to share stories keep them coming girls!!!

  4. HAHAHA This is so true...
    You know your a nanny when...
    - carrying a purse means another thing to carry, so you just grab your wallet and any essentials and throw them into the already over packed diaper bag.
    -You walk out of Lowes after work and realize you just walked through an entire store with Dora the Explorer stickers all over your shirt.
    -your summer consists of swim lessons, packed lunches, and trips to the pool pretty much everyday.
    -You do your laundry at home only to find that a baby sock has somehow managed to make it into your laundry.
    -you use Hand Sanitizer and Clorox wipes frequently throughout the day.
    - you face the awkward moments when someone says "OH, Your daughter looks just like you!" or "You have the most beautiful children" and you have to explain that you are the nanny not the mom.(Sometimes its easier to just say "thank you" and move on. haha)

    These are a few I thought of. I loved the list you came up with. I was cracking up. It is nice to identify with others doing the same thing. its so true that people my age don't understand what I am going through because most aren't at the "mom" stage. I love my job, but there is def. never a dull moment. :)

  5. Mmmhmm. These are all great = ) To add to the list...You know you are a nanny when you drive a ginormous 12 passenger van everywhere. And people gawk at you because, even though you are 21, the cute little people stickers lining the back of the van indicate that you have 7 children. Weird.

  6. I'm a nanny for four kids as well! I think all mine have been said, but you might be nanny if you have more "kid stuff" in your purse than adults stuff. I'll open my bag and find matchbox cars, plastic mcdonald's dolls, and who knows what else! Glad to know I'm not the only one! :)

  7. You know you're a nanny when:
    You make notes on your phone about all the cute things that kids have said throughout the day.
    You think about them any time that have a big change come up in their lives.
    You have walked up the steps with a plastics umbrella, two rocks, a teddy bear, a baseball, a plastic bat, holding the hand of a little one and still manage to open the gate at the top of the stairs.

    You tell your friends all the cute things your kids do and they may not find it as funny as you.

  8. My mom said this in the car today when I was showing my brothers girlfriend videos and pictures on my phone

    You know you're a nanny when your mom goes through your camera roll and says "you have a kindergarten in here"

  9. When your car aka the nanny mobile is filled with booster seats, games, crafts, and sidewalk chalk.
    When your convinced you'll be the best mom ever due to your vast amounts of experience.