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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mystery Quesadilla.

Ok I'm taking a slight intermission from the Casa 36 story because there is so much more to it and I'm slowly trying to get it written out.
I thought I would share just a little...what you may call..."Bad nanny moment"

The girls had left some food "creations" on the table and I was told to make sure they ate them at some point that day.
Some time later my sweet little five year old spit-fire came waltzing into the room announcing that she was hungry. I explained to her that she needed to eat her "quesadilla" that she had made first and then I would make her a sandwich when she finished. This resulted in quite an upset little girl and several minutes of her questioning and crying about having to eat her quesadilla.  I kept trying to ask her what she had put in it...."Is it cheese?"..."Yes Miss Kelsey..yes."

"how about I warm it up for you, then it will taste normal", I replied as I turned on the microwave.

She finally took a bite
resulting in a series of faces that made me have to stifle my laughter and force myself to be consistent with the situation at hand.

I asked her why it was such a big deal to eat the quesadilla...she loves quesadillas.  

This was her response:

"It's HORRIBLE, just horrible"
"Miss Kelseyyyyyy, you don't understanddddd!!! I just really wanted one of YOUR quesadillas and you were NOT here for me when I needed it" (nanny guilt kicks in about here)
"You NEVER put this stuff on would NEVER EVER do what I did"


"What exactly did you put on the tortilla?" I asked, realizing that more of the story was about to come out.
"Well, you never ever put this on, you never ever put yogurt on it"

My reaction was a little mix of bursting laughter, wanting to puke, confusion all at once.

"Yogurt? why did you put yogurt on it...and why didn't you tell me that in the first place when I asked what was on it?!" I very kindly asked, still trying to stifle my laughter and gag reflex

"Well I just didn't know how you made them and I LOVE how you make them and ooohhhhh I don't weren't here! And you just weren't listening to me when I tried to tell you."
(again with the nanny guilt)

So here I was forcing her to eat this "quesadilla" that had been sitting out for bit, had then be re-microwaved, and had...yogurt...on it.  Gross.

No real lesson here...other than feeling like a terrible nanny and well being told I have some mad quesadilla making skills....andddd feeling a little guilty for getting a pretty good laugh that day.

Anyone else have those "bad, but slightly funny" nanny moments?

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  1. Oh that is FUNNY! This isn't a "nanny moment", but one time I was babysitting a bunch of boys when I was in high school. The had already gone to bed, but there was a ton of banging and noise going on. Seeing as I had already gone up like 5 times to remind them to be quiet, I tried to just contain myself and see if it stopped. It didn't. So I went up there (AGAIN) to see what they had been up to...and I kid you not, these two brothers (about 6 and 8) had DISASSEMBLED one of their beds! Like, totally unscrewed it and everything. It was so funny I didn't really even know what to do. I made them write an apology note to their parents haha.