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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Nanny Work-Out

Want a full body work-out? Love that feeling of finally sitting down at the end of the day and feeling like every muscle in your body hurts?
Well let me introduce you to the nanny work-out:

  • Lift a baby up and down about 40 times a day. 
  • carry baby around in one arm until it goes numb.
  • switch and carry baby in other arm. repeat. 
  • bend at the hips and/or squat to pick up toys/food/un-identifiable items off the floor too many times to count. 
  • lift gallon of milk several times a day
  • chase around baby who has now started moving at an unbelievable pace
  • bring in five bags of groceries on each arm
  • sweep and mop- which includes scrubbing the milk that spilled and dried that morning under the high-chair
  • carry baskets of clean clothes up and down the stairs
  • walk up and down the stairs about 20+ times a day
  • push a cart around the store with two 30 pound kids
  • Play freeze tag for an hour
  • push two kids on the swing simultaneously  
  • do cartwheels, while also pretending to hold a light sabor and fight off little yodas.
  • play tickle monster and chase kids around the house for thirty minutes
  • Go for a walk in 100 degree weather pushing a stroller, uphill
  • take kids swimming and give piggy back rides, catch kids jumping in, race across the pool. 
  • hold a sleeping baby awkwardly until all your back and arm muscles feel like they're going to completely give out. 

End the day's work-out with some stretching, by bending over to put little shoes on, unload the dishwasher, slowly, stretching your arms to reach the very top shelf.

Remember to breathe through the entire work-out, smile, and enjoy the motivational disney music playing in the back-ground.


  1. Ha ha. Awesome post. I remember those days. Not only are u a wonderful nanny but it turns out you are a great and quite humorous writer as well! Hats off to you my dear!

  2. Thank you for the laugh Kelsey. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm posting a funny nanny story hopefully later tonight on my blog. It includes me crawling on my hands and knees in a public restroom to rescue the toddler I watch from a locked bathroom stall. After I took a shower from the incident, I had to laugh at how ridiculous it was. There are firsts for everything I guess.