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Saturday, May 14, 2011


It feels good to be home. To sit back and breathe.  Sweet baby C is babbling in her highchair, a hot cup of coffee is sitting next to me and my computer is back in front of me (sad I know, but still comforting). I love normalcy.
Well...actually...I love a good adventure and switching things up. But then I like to come home to what is "normal".
I'm one of those weird people who thrives on change. I get a little ancy when things start feeling monotonous which is why it's a good thing that I have the jobs that I do.
Never a dull moment.

For the past almost six days I've been hanging out in Florence, KY...well let's just say Cincinnati because that sounds way more exciting. It was a nice shift in schedule and pace and I'm not going to lie...I needed a to get away....even if it was still for work.

It's so easy to get caught up in the daily lists and the feeling of always being behind. It's hard to focus and truly enjoy the sweet simple moments throughout the day that comes with working with kids. You start missing the triumphs and the fun times and replacing it with the guilt and stress that there is a sink overflowing with dishes, toys that need to be picked up and maybe some attitudes that need adjusting. I'm an all or nothing type and I have a really hard time sitting down if I know that I haven't gotten something done or that I may be missing something that I am supposed to be doing...especially when it comes to my jobs. Then when I do step back and allow myself to breathe I start to see that the needed attitude adjustments are somewhat in response to my stress and the sink really isn't THAT full....but still sometimes it just takes getting away.

To spend a week in a hotel having someone else make my bed and clean my bathroom (shallow, I know) was a breath of fresh air. My only job was to entertain a baby.
We had so much fun just wandering the town and I pulled out my camera, which has been gathering dust lately and stopped to just enjoy the simple moments.

Like swinging and baby toes...

Silly goats...

Colorful peacocks...
 fluffy monkeys...
 thoughtful gorillas...

and especially this sweet face...

It was a wonderful reminder of why I love working with kids and why I love photography. Even though I am all about capturing candid still takes focus to really stop...zoom in on the moment and capture it forever. It slows me down...which is maybe why God gave me that passion...knowing I'm a full-speed ahead type.

speaking of full-speed ahead...this kid started walking on our trip...and I'll soon be running behind her as she takes off sprinting

I'm so lucky to have this as my view everyday...

And to have had such a fun city-exploring buddy
I even stopped and pulled out the camera to capture this cute little family crossing the parking lot

It was pretty much an uneventful trip, which is quite unusual for me. We did have an interesting stop at KFC...let's just say we were the most exciting thing to happen in that town for who knows how long....oh and I DID get to go to Ikea which is pretty much like an amusement park for me...but over-all I don't have any grand lessons learned or anything too exciting to say.  I am so glad to be home (still so sweet to call this home now) and be ready to jump back into the hectic life having been reminded to breath and stop for those precious simple moments....

Like right now...

 Oh how I missed that face while I was gone

I can't believe she is going to be ONE this week!  Where did the time go? How is she growing up so fast?
Now I'm going to go enjoy the beautiful four girls that I missed so much this week.

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