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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The other side of me

So I love kids and the majority of my time is spent changing diapers, trying to wipe sweet potatoes and peas of my clothes, making heart shaped peanut butter and jelly, driving around in the mini-van, watching Praise Baby, and trying to find the source of the "baby poop/spit-up smell" that seems to follow me....BUT...when I am not doing that (well, I'll admit, sometimes I try to multi-task) I love me some D.I.Y. projects and photography.

I spend my "spare" time lusting over Anthropology, Wisteria, Flea Market and the Do It Yourself magazines, tearing out pages and gathering inspiration.   I then go hit up the local Goodwill and try to find a better way to create something than going and spending hundreds of dollars buying an item already made. I do this for photography shoots, as well as for decorating my house....and sometimes I have to help decorate Angie's house cause I run out of space and have limits with living in a rental ;)

Here is just a glimpse at one of my current projects and obsessions


This simple arrangement makes a great center piece or decoration for a mantel. Total cost was $5.  The wooden platter I actually picked up in Guatemala for $3, but with some creative searching you can find something similar at a thrift store or the flea market. The flowers I made out of pages from an old book. I looked at Goodwill for some books that looked older and had some yellowing of the pages' edges. The book cost $1.99. You could probably get it much cheaper even or you could use older newspapers that you have around the house.

These little buds reminded me of the story about the cherry blossoms and Audrey...again it would make a great center piece or side table decoration. The vintage looking jar was $2 at Goodwill and the well, the stick was free in the backyard. The little blossoms are made from the same book pages that I used to make the large blossoms above. We are actually working on making some more to put in different unique jars to combine with the arrangement above as well. I'll post a picture when it's all done. 



So you will most definitely hear lots of nanny stories here...but you'll also get to see my love to create come out here and there...speaking of...I'll be posting photos soon of my most recent photo shoot that I had the honor of doing of some very, very precious girls so keep checking back.

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