The day to day, comical happenings and sweet moments from my life as a nanny.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Being a nanny can be a tough job. I mean, I'm 24 and it's easier sometimes to have a discussion about the latest parenting fads, the most recent news on the American Pediatric Association, and the best discipline tactics then it is to have a "normal" conversation with someone my own age.  I spend the majority of my time waltzing around with a baby on my hip and several kiddos in tow looking like a young single mom.

And It's sort of a running joke around here that with the perfume of baby barf, the beautiful accent of baby food down my shirt and hair that has been pulled out of it's ponytail holder several times makes me a real guy magnet....especially when you have all that going on for you AND you're driving a mini-van full of kids singing Justin Bieber.

Some people say I live a glamorous life.

and when they say that I laugh.

Is being sneezed on, resulting in a mouth full of pureed sweet potatoes going in every direction (mostly targeting my face and hair), glamorous? On first thought I laugh and think...absolutely not. But then....

 I looked up the definition of the word "Glamorous"
1. Full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, esp. in a mysterious or magical way.
2. Full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity

Well if we are looking at the dictionary definition and not society's couldn't be a more fitting description of my job.

Speaking of charmingly attractive, full of excitement and unusual activity...does she not have the most adorable guilty face or what?

SO despite the fact that my mind is constantly spinning with the songs from Dora, or when on rare occasion I go out with friends I accidentally drop a pacifier out of my purse...I adore my Glamorous, exciting, adventure filled, very unusual life as a nanny. 

Also....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing, beautiful, fabulous boss and dear friend Angie Smith....andddd HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet, snuggle bug, Charlotte. I'll post more on that tonight once I have photos to show you :)


  1. I'm not a nanny (thought about it a few times!), but all my friends have children, and I'm around my Goddaughters daily, so I might as well have kids. I get funny looks because I have carseats in my car, but it doesn't bother me! My motto is that if that scares a guy off, I don't want to be with him anyway!

    Anyway, glad there are other single gals like me out there. :)

    PS- Follower of Angie's blog, that's how I found you :)

  2. I'm 19 years old. There's usually a booster seat in my back seat, something to play with in my purse, my phone's loaded with my kids' games, and currently, ants all over my back seat because somebody left a snow cone in my car. I too, am way more confident talking about discipline techniques than college gossip, and watch videos about attachment after international adoption while my friends watch TV. For some reason, (haha) I don't go on many dates. But, I'm with you, I LOVE my glamorous job.