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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mother’s Day.

A day when every woman who has “mothered” a child should be honored and appreciated. A day when Mother’s rejoice over the honor of having a child and grieve over an empty cradle and longing arms. 
I am always joking around with the moms that I work with that I pretty much just play the role of a single mom, however I have yet to understand the true feeling of of calling a child my own.  I DO have a great appreciation for the role of Mothers because of my daily time spent caring for and helping raise kids.

I especially have an appreciation for my own mom. I was quite the strong-willed, imaginative, persistent, odd child and having nannied now for numerous families…I can honestly say it takes a lot of patience, humor and understanding to guide and raise that type of child.  
She even humored me when I insisted on shoving those tiny green Mr. Potato glasses on my chubby face and waltzing down the church aisle…or when I decided it would be a great idea to jump off our 12 foot deck into the snow below…pretty sure that will be the closest she will ever get to having a heart attack. 

She put up with day long tantrums and the threats to run away…although usually I only went as far as packing my American girl clothes and heading towards the door…one time she offered to make my favorite egg rolls and I was talked in to staying.  

She put up with me humiliating her and probably my whole family as I walked around after watching Robin Hood….saying “Alms for the poor, Alms for the poor” in my best actress, poor person voice.  She also thankfully saw my activities as me being very imaginative and never wondered about my mental state when I would spend hours in my swimming suit, swimming in the living room, or out wandering around the woods making “stew” and sitting in forts waiting for the wounded soldiers (played by my brothers of course) to come home.  I was a high energy, camera ham kid and can’t imagine how tired my mom must have been at the end of every day.

My own mom was an artist and therefore she only has herself to blame that she had to put up with me turning my entire room into a maze of forts and tunnels all made out of cardboard boxes, making all sorts of “creations” in the kitchen, and being a trend-setter (or trying to be).  I remind myself of that now when I find myself cringing at the sight of the kids making a mess, that I know I will have to help clean up, while they make up recipes, art projects and test out different “fashions”….I stop and remember all the days my mom put up with the same thing and how that creativity is now what drives me in my passions and are the positive things about who I am.

The things that probably annoyed her the most and tested her the most are the things that made me the strong person that I am. This comes as an encouragement to me as I walk that path with so many of the kids that I have or have had the opportunity to care for.
I can’t imagine the worry she went through when the travel bug kicked in and I was hopping from country to country at a young age…or the thoughts that would go through her head when I would announce over and over that I was moving to this place or that place….but she has always supported me and encouraged me to follow where I feel God is leading…never getting in the way. That is hard as a mom.
So Mom…if you are reading this…thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there to support, encourage, humor my shenanigans and allowing me to create. I wouldn’t be who I am today without that patience, encouragement and your blessing through it all.

Now I try to stop and breathe…to guide but not suffocate, smile proudly when I’m in public with a fashionista who decided to wear rain boots, shorts, a tutu, a princess sweater, and red furry penguin mittens, instead of being concerned with put together outfits. I’m learning to encourage exploration and creativity, to harness the strength and strong-willed spirit but not kill it.

Moms work the hardest job I can think of, they are always on the job…even when they are away. They’re constantly concerned about their child’s well-being and up-bringing. They proudly wear baby food on their shirts, go out with no make-up, trip over toys, trade in a trendy car for a toy and trash filled mini-van, listen to repetitive questions, songs, noise toys, and sounds all day long, and cover their fridge with un-recognizable art-work.
A mom gives up so much of herself…for the pure love of another human being.
SO to all you amazing mothers out there….Happy Mother’s Day. This is a day to celebrate, appreciate and honor you.

Whether you have biological children, adopted children, whether they are young or older, or if you have lost a child…you have been placed in an amazing and special category of people.
I pray that someday I will take what I have seen and learned from the amazing moms around me and be someone my kids are proud to call me mom. 
Sending all my love to my mom and all the moms out there who work day in and day out...loving their kids and embracing everything that goes with it. 

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